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Pea Souper

"Pea Souper is a Helsinki-based indie rock group that combines pop sensibility with progressive song forms, orchestral textures, walls of layered synths and shimmering guitars. It’s slow food music for the era of fast consumption. The group dares to take their time in building and developing their songs, yet the music never fails to entertain the listener in the process.

The band has finished their self-titled debut album. It took almost two years from the recording process to the final mixing stages. This is due to the meticulous way that the group works: they share an obsession for the minute sonic details, so the studio process becomes an endless experimentation in sculpting sound.

While aiming to make every sonic moment special, they also put equal amount of attention into the architecture and large scale of things. The soundscapes morph constantly and organically from the larger-than-life synths on the opening track to the cheerfully wobbly harpsichord on “Piece of Cake” and drum and bass infuenced drum machines on “Cycling Music”. The result is an old fashioned album, a lifelike journey through different landscapes, spaces and frames of mind."

Pea Souper is

Juuso Kontiola – vocals and keyboards

Julius Heikkilä – guitars

Tapio Backlund – bass

Ilmari Heikinheimo – drums

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