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Selected list of works

  • Hypera, fixed media (stereo)

  • Scenes from the Life of a Desert Tortoise for trumpet, tenor saxophone, double bass and drum set

  • Venus Fan for violone, synthesizer and electronics

  • flap whirl bang for violin, viola, double bass, percussion and piano

  • MELT for violone and synthesizer

  • Fun & Games III, fixed media (stereo)

  • Fun & Games II, fixed media (stereo)

  • Clatter for electric guitar and piano

  • Fun & Games I, fixed media (stereo)

  • a work for ensemble, untitled

  • a work for solo piano, untitled

  • a work for flute and synthesizer, untitled

  • UNFORCE for string quartet

  • Yellow Cycle for piano and flute

  • composition, recording, production and mixing of Pea Souper’s self titled debut album

  • sound design for Sakari Tervo’s and Tatu Engeström’s video installation Temptation Island (5.1)

  • Minim for solo flute

  • Composition and sound design for Tatu Engeström’s video installation New Normal (stereo)

  • Minim for percussion duo

  • The Doors, fixed media (stereo)

  • a sound installation in Sibelius-Museum in Turku, a part of collaboration exhibition RE-NA-TA with Sakari Tervo and Tatu Engeström (6 channels)

  • Scaling Out for ensemble

  • Kasassa for string quartet

  • Soittorasia, fixed media (stereo)

  • Valoja for soprano and piano

  • Palkein for solo clarinet

  • Vaahto for solo piano

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